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"I started training with Ray mid March 2017. I had been trying to work out on my own for about 9 months following various books. I had also tried quick fix diets to try to get myself inspired.  I started at the gym to prepare for my wedding a year before my wedding date, but even with consistent workouts and what I thought was proper nutrition I was steadily gaining weight. In February 2017 I had a dress fitting and while my dress would still be wearable it was coming very close to being too small.  

By the time I went to see Ray I needed to lose inches to feel comfortable in my wedding dress. I wanted more toned arms and to look and feel lighter. I also desperately wanted to see the scale come down. 

I used to struggle with meal planning and prep. I would try to make healthy choices but we would often be unprepared at home to maintain good eating habits. I would "eat well" all day but be so hungry in the evenings that I would snack and never really feel satiated (this made me feel horrible about myself). Now I feel full after every meal, I don't snack or get cravings.  When we have a special occasion/family dinner I can make better choices, eat less and still feel like i have had a treat. I can also get back to my diet plan with ease the very next meal. 

Victories/ changes I saw: My knees stopped cracking when I walked/did steps/squats. I lost 2 pant sizes. I fit into my clothes better (confidence boost). I did the rugged maniac (finished and felt great at the end!). My routine has helped me manage my time more efficiently and I feel inspired to continue with this healthy lifestyle even though I " finished" what i set out to do!"



"I want to say that I have found an AMAZING personal fitness trainer when it comes to Rachel. I had done some online research before choosing Ray. I am extremely happy I did. She brings so much wealth, knowledge and energy to the table. We sat down, discussed my goals and nutritional habits. She has since customized a workout specific to my needs and goals. She pushes me to get the most out of my workouts. She is attentive and makes the adjustments needed during my workouts to ensure I am doing the exercise effectively and safely. When you feel like you don't have the last reps to give, she encourages you and gets those last reps out. She has made working out enjoyable. She has changed the way I work out and I fell back in love with working out because of her. Her energy, knowledge and dedication is above par! I don't know what else I could ask for in a trainer. Her personality is radiant, her dedication is inspiring and she reaches out to give you the motivation you need! I Highly, highly recommended Ray Colvin to use as a personal trainer. 💪"