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About Me!

About Me!


Hey! I'm Rachel :)

I'm a certified personal trainer and online fitness & lifestyle coach.

After years of struggle with endless cardio, fitness DVDs and unsuccessful weight loss attempts (sound familiar??), I have finally found the solution to my fat loss struggles in lifting heavy weights and following a healthy, but reasonable nutrition plan!

It's been over 5 years now and the journey has definitely NOT been easy.

There have been ups and downs and highs and lows (don't even get me started on those!), but I'm happy to say that I've come out of it more informed, better equipped and with a deep understanding for the struggle YOU are going through!

My ideal client is someone who has NEVER been comfortable in the gym. I want help you feel confident and excited to go workout! My goal is to MOTIVATE and inspire you while teaching you EVERYTHING you need to know so you never feel intimidated again!

Let's do this!!!


A mission to show women everywhere that...


Staying fit doesn't have to be complex, obsessive or take away from your life!

If you're T I R E D  of obsessing over food...

S I C K  of spending hours upon hours in the gym...

making up for last night's indulgences...

F R U S T R A T E D  with never reaching your goals, or

feeling O V E R W H E L M E D  with where to start...

I'll show you a better way!

My Story.jpg

After 7 years as a Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Assistant at my local hospital, and 5+ years of fitness obsession, I finally made the leap into #ladyboss life as a full time entrepreneur in 2017.

My passion is showing women like YOU how to free yourself from the chains of restrictive diets, calorie/macro counting, and aimless hours of cardio so you can really LIVE YOUR LIFE!

This is my story of how I got here...

Growing up, fitness was never really the first thing on my mind. I was fairly active and played sports, but through college and my first year of working afterwards, I worked at McDonalds. (Yes, you read that right!) I remember coming home at midnight after a shift with lot. We're talking nuggets, burgers and fries...oh my! I am still surprised to this day of how I managed to not gain a BUNCH of weight! (Although I was young and very active!)

There is not other word to use in this case...I literally did not care about what went in my body, how much of it and clearly not a care about what time.

Even when Derek and I started dating, our diet for the first few months consisted mostly of beer, Kraft Dinner and pre-cooked processed chicken breast (because hey, he worked out, so he still needed his protein back then! haha)

I always wanted to have lean toned arms and legs... To banish that cellulite for good. I can remember pushing as HARD as I could giving every last ounce of energy on the cardio machines a STILL not getting the body I wanted!!

UGH! It was SOOO frustrating!

Then one day, shortly after breaking down crying in the kitchen after trying to push myself through the advanced version of a Jillian Michael's DVD... and being totally overwhelmed with frustration at my lack of results, I stumbled upon a program called the LiveFit Trainer by a lady named Jamie Eason. While I do things a little differently now, there's no denying that this program was the start of something incredible for me!

I couldn't believe what a difference lifting heavy weights and eating healthy could make on my body!

Since then I've experimented with everything from Carb Backloading to Intuitive Eating and all kinds of different training styles, working to find the best meal plan to fit my busy lifestyle.

And now it's my turn to share what I've learned with you, to hopefully save you some of the pain and frustration I felt along my journey. There really is a better way!

My husband and I are founding members of a gym called The Wreckroom in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada - It's a pretty awesome place! We got our start in fitness running a local and online fitness company called Live For Today Fitness and I still use it as the official business for any of the training I do with you.

 You can also find me online on my various social media accounts, including Facebook, YouTubeInstagram, and Twitter!

Join my inner circle and become a #LIVEFITBABE to get instant access to exclusive free content!

If you want to GET TO know ME EVEN MORE, you can subscribe to MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL by clicking the link below!

Now For The Fun Part!


  1. I LOVE lifting heavy weights. My current bench press PR is 145lbs. Not crazy, but not bad if I do say so myself!

  2. I have a cute puppy named Finley. He's Whoodle! He's a regular on my YouTube channel (subscribe here) and has the cutest puppy dog eyes!

  3. I have a husband named Derek. We're a pretty good team! Sometimes we get on each other's nerves, (especially when we're tired!) but I love him to the moon and back! We've been married since September of 2012 :)

  4. I am Canadian! I was born in Mississauga, Ontario then lived in Toronto until age 10 and grew up in Kitchener, Ontario!

  5. I grew up in a family of 5 girls (Poor dad!) and I'm the youngest! They're now spread all over the world! I have sisters in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Ottawa, Ontario and one in Chad, Africa!

  6. I'm a Christian in the Jesus following kind of way and I'm part of an awesome church in Kitchener! I'm not in any way perfect, but I'm working on growing in my faith.

  7. I'm Coffee lover and I love me a nice glass of wine here and there. Just sip and relax!

  8. My all time record for Quest bars in one day is 9! Yikes! Lucky for me I've now conquered those issues by finally deciding that they will no longer be a daily part of my life and I now eat them only on rare occasions.

  9. I have a seafoam green guitar named Gus! I don't play as much as I'd like to, but Gus is still hanging on the wall in my living room!

  10. I have 13 neices and nephews! 12 of them are on my side and one from Derek's side!