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About Me!

About Me!

About Me!





Hey! I'm Rachel :)

I'm a certified personal trainer and online fitness & lifestyle coach.

After years of struggle and trial with finding the right nutrition and lifestyle program for myself, I have finally found the solution I was searching for!

As important as the right training program and nutrition strategies are for results, daily routine, sleep and hydration are three key areas that I always come back to anytime I recover from a slump.

If I've got these 3 under control, maintaining my physique and fitness level becomes so easy!

By keeping these 3 areas in check, you too can maintain your fitness level all year 'round and find balance between enjoying social meals and maintaining your fitness, instead of yo-yoing between the extremes of on-season ultra-restrictive diet and workout regimes and off-season near-binge rebounds!

Download my free '3 Keys to Simple Sustainable Fitness' guide to learn more about these major areas that I focus on to keep my fitness level and physique sustainable! (Plus get an exclusive offer from me!)

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After 4 years as a Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Assistant at my local hospital, I'm branching out.

I am super passionate about showing women like YOU how to free yourself from the chains of restrictive diets, calorie/macro counting, and excessive hours of cardio so you can really LIVE YOUR LIFE!

My husband and I are founding members of a gym called The Wreckroom in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada - It's a pretty awesome place! We got our start in fitness running a local and online fitness company called Live For Today Fitness and we still run it in the background when we're not at The Wreckroom!

 You can also find me online on my various social media accounts, including Facebook, YouTubeInstagram, SnapChat (@mrslivefit) and Twitter!

Join my inner circle and become a #LIVEFITBABE to get instant access to exclusive free content!

If you want to GET TO know ME EVEN MORE, you can subscribe to MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL by clicking the link below!

Now For The Fun Part!


  1. I LOVE lifting heavy weights. My current bench press PR is 145lbs. Not crazy, but not bad if I do say so myself!

  2. I have a cute puppy named Finley. He's Whoodle! He's a regular on my YouTube channel (subscribe here) and has the cutest puppy dog eyes!

  3. I have a husband named Derek. We're a pretty good team! Sometimes we get on each other's nerves, (especially when we're tired!) but I love him to the moon and back! We've been married since September of 2012 :)

  4. I am Canadian! I was born in Mississauga, Ontario then lived in Toronto until age 10 and grew up in Kitchener, Ontario!

  5. I grew up in a family of 5 girls (Poor dad!) and I'm the youngest! They're now spread all over the world! I have sisters in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Ottawa, Ontario and one in Chad, Africa!

  6. I'm a Christian in the Jesus following kind of way and I'm part of an awesome church in Kitchener! I'm not in any way perfect, but I'm working on growing in my faith.

  7. I'm Coffee lover and I love me a nice glass of wine here and there. Just sip and relax!

  8. My all time record for Quest bars in one day is 9! Yikes! Lucky for me I've now conquered those issues by finally deciding that they will no longer be a daily part of my life and I now eat them only on rare occasions.

  9. I have a seafoam green guitar named Gus! I don't play as much as I'd like to, but Gus is still hanging on the wall in my living room!

  10. I have 13 neices and nephews! 12 of them are on my side and one from Derek's side!